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Acrylic and Micarta Calls

Just like our duck wood calls, the acrylic  and Micarta duck calls are handcrafted on the lathe one at a time from cast acrylic rod or Micarta blocks.  These calls are crisp and loud, but come down easily to a quiet quack or feeding chuckle.

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Sorry we are currently sold out of all acrylic and micarta calls. 

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Item: Brown Canvas Micarta, Call 726
Description: Brown canvas Micarta with black canvas Micarta caps, high gloss CA finish.

Price: $125.00 USD

Item: Golden Oak Call 667
Description: Acrylic Golden Oak

Price: $105.00 USD

Item: Translucent Copper Call 668
Description: Translucent copper

Price: $105.00 USD

This page last modified on May 28, 2017